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They can do this because all their shoes are made to order, so they don't carry any inventory, they're, not paying rent in the store, and they don't have that kind of waste that you see with mass-producing shoes. So here's how it works each month they release about. Eight to twelve styles of been designed in-house, you select the style, you want, you select your size and you place your order. The hard part is, you do have to wait, so it takes about six to eight weeks for the shoes to be finished. So if you've got a wedding to go to in the next three days, and you need a pair of shoes in the best, it's probably not going to work out your best head to Nordstrom or something I know what you're thinking there are other crowdfunding and pre-order Models out there, and usually they have some challenges. One of the biggest ones is that they usually have minimums. So, if not enough people order, then they won't do the production run, but Beckett'cimmanon doesn't have any minimums because they actually own and operate their own factories and also, unlike other pre-order arrangements. They offer free extry exchanges and for returns, which is pretty generous. If you think about it, especially since you custom, ordered the product, the other really interesting thing Beckett seminole does, is they actually involve you in the process? As Nicola Sturgeon Hurtado, one of the cofounders told me they like to call this backstage access, so you don't just wait six to eight weeks and you don't hear anything they actually send. You periodic updates along the way, to tell you what stage your shoes are at they'll. Send you articles so you get a sense of where the shoot, how the shoes are progressing and also you even get to see the faces of the people who are actually making your shoes, which is pretty cool, so you've known about Beckett Simenon. For a few years. There may be an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed when I started researching Beckett Simenon. I noticed a handful of reviews and forum threads around 2014 or so where people seem to be less than satisfied with the shoes and, frankly, the overall experience. But then I noticed something else: some of the reviewers who initially had critical things to say a few years ago about Beckett Simenon we're starting to update their reviews for the positive, like my friend Justin over at fine young gentleman, who, incidentally, knows a lot more about Shoes than I do because he actually runs his own shoe company. When I spoke with one of the cofounders Nicholas, best shoes for running he explained that back then they had a different model and set up. They were actually outsourcing the production of their shoes to a vendor in India and ultimately, the quality didn't end up being up to their standards, since they were still outsourcing. The creation of shoes, like most brands, do as Nicholas said, they lost control of the most important part of the product, and personally, I think they also just weren't set up to properly handle the influx of initial orders that they receive. So they couldn't quite maintain the quality and and customer service level that they would have wanted to, but now their process and their business model are entirely different, as I mentioned earlier, they actually own and operate the factories now so they're responsible for all aspects of the Creation of the shoe so in many ways, they're an entirely different company now and now. Instead of focusing on quantity and speed, they're more focused on quality and value, as Nicholas told me, we have less sales volume overall now, but I like to think we have better customers if you're interested in experiencing Beckett Simenon. For yourself, I do have a discount code for you. If you enter distilled at check out, you can save 15 % off and I'll go ahead and leave that discount code and the link in the description as well. Well, I hope you found that helpful if you liked the article, please do me a favor and hit that like button below also, if you want to see more articles like this, you can subscribe to my blog and you can do that now by hitting the Distilled Man, logo - that should be right about here. So thanks again for reading and I'll see you soon,
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